Dynamic Pet Products Real Ham Bone for Dogs- Causing Injury & Death

It was Easter- I went to my local Walmart and there was a HUGE display of “Real Ham Bones” – Smoked in Applewood for your dog.


What could be a better treat right?!  It sounded perfect.  I bought two- one for each of our dogs, Panda & Schweenie.


They enjoyed chewing on them and by 10 pm Panda began vomiting…and vomiting, and vomiting.  This went on until about 2 a.m. when I gave her an antacid.  She finally fell asleep after clearly being very uncomfortable!

We were awaken by 5 am with the sound of it starting again.  She was very ill and eventually was trembling and had a seizure.  I rushed her to the vet and she had a severe case of Pancreatitis.  She then began with very loose, bloody diarrhea.  She was given fluids, medications, and antibiotics.  While they were treating her I began researching WHAT this bone was!  To my surprise I saw numerous stories of dogs all over the country being severely injured and dying from this very bone!!!! Shortly after returning home with her, Schweenie began the same process all over again.

At this point, I am exhausted, saddened, and confused why there is a bone for sale that is known nationally to hurt and kill dogs in such high numbers!  I posted our story on facebook to family and friends and instantly it was shared over and over again warning others not to buy this for their dogs.

I was contacted by a member of Fight For Fred…Ban Products that are unsafe for Dogs to Consume.

Unfortunately Fred lost his life after chewing this bone.  His family started a Facebook support page for other owners going through what they did.  There were links to report to the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Complaints, the company itself and more!

Not knowing at this time the fate of our dogs, I began the process to get these unsafe bones from the shelves by contacting the BBB and even our local news station!  See our story here:

Fox 6 News Dangerous Dog Bone Video

We were lucky that both our dogs did survive, however there are many throughout the nation that did not!  We also were driven to prevent any further dog owners from experiencing injuries or death from this product.

The BBB of MO has informed Walmart to remove the bones from their shelves with no reply at this point.  They are now taking it nationally -to fight to get these dangerous bones removed from the shelves forever!


Panda & Schweenie and many other dogs around the USA need YOUR help!

Here is the Blog from the BBB that was released yesterday -with all the contacts that you, and you, and WE can contact to speed this process up!  Please see it here:

Can customers convince Dynamic Pet products that their bones are killing dogs?

Dynamic Pet Products do not agree this a problem…  There is a LOT of Dog owners who disagree.  Thank you from all of our hearts in helping with this process!



Farmington Elementary School Decades Dance

Last night we had our free standing photo booth at Farmington Elementary School for their Decades Dance!

There was no shortage on laughter, smiles and fun!

Photobooth 363-X3

We had absolutely ZERO time during the hours we were there that it wasn’t being used!

Photobooth 381-X3 Photobooth 95-X3

The Through the Decades Theme – encouraged the families to dress in whichever era they wanted to!

We provided the fun hats! but there were some other fun outfits as well!

Photobooth 36-X3 Photobooth 72-X3

Everyone had a WONDERFUL time!

Photobooth 10-X3 Photobooth 381-X3 Photobooth 18-X3

We love the free standing photobooth – Multiple people can be in it at the same time!  And their WERE! 😀

Photobooth 156-X3

See more here:

Farmington Elementary School Photobooth

ColorfulDreams4U Fusion Visual Artists at the Professional Test Kitchen


Today we began Video Coverage at the -Professional Test Kitchen- located in Waukesha, WI.

We will be collecting footage to make a stylized Video that explains the services they offer there!

The Professional Chef’s whipped up many wonderful dishes and items right before us, and the captive audience!

tk9-X2 tk1-X2


We- at ColorfulfulDreams4U, Love our clients, brides & grooms, families, etc.

We also love food!  😀

And YES!  There were samples!


Combining professional, top of the line equipment, & food– prepared by top notch chef’s- made today’s day of videoing very delightful!


Want to know more about our services?  Please visit:


See our Fusion Video’s at:

1080 HD Fusion Videos

See more here:

ColorfulDreams4U Photography/Facebook

Senior Photography Referral $50 Bonus


Referral – You can earn $50 cash for every secured senior session with us!

Packages start as low $125, but to qualify for the $50 cash the client must purchase our $295 all inclusive senior photo package (includes free digital downloads w/ print release, multiple outfit changes and various looks).

Contact us with questions, referrals, or bookings….

10500304_545394562231283_8257418444722073786_n _rw80489 copy _rw84728 _rw84850 copy  27claire30 t12

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Colorful Dreams 4U Photography.

Central Middle School Presents “The King & I”

ColorfulDreams4U Photography donates their time to Central Middle School’s Musical each year!

We are Proud to say this is our third consecutive year volunteering!

This middle school program is beyond exceptional.  We are lucky to have such amazing teachers, parents and volunteers that pull together, collaborate, and put in endless hours–to be able to do such an amazing show each year!

This year they are presenting:


They have been practicing for months!


oocj_42-XL oocj_19-XL

Even though they practice hard- They always have a lot of FUN!

The sound & Lights are ready!



Everyone has their shirts to wear and Their Character buttons for their parents or guests to wear!


The directors have spent uncountable hours preparing for this delightful show!  They are READY!


Make-up and costumes have been perfected!


The Actors & Actresses are ready for the curtain to OPEN!


Showtime begins tonight at 7 p.m.


Make sure to get your tickets to see this amazing show, filled with stunning colors, music, and talent!



oocj_21-X3 oocj_50 1.10.43 PM-XL

_RW88495-XL oocj_20-X3

oocj_45 copy-XL oocj_55 copy-XL

Break a leg Young Adults!

See more at:

The King & I Images

(You can get your tickets at Central Middle School for this weekend and next)

New Beginnings & Old Dear Friends

On March 15th, 2015 Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm Market and Petting Zoo had a devastating fire that destroyed Farm Equipment, all their seasonal Decorations, and sadly over 90 animals lost their life…

There is a Facebook Support Group:

Community Support for Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm

There was a reach out to Professional Photographers to come and take a few pictures of their baby Goose- Phoenix


Phoenix lost both his parents in the fire.

He represents Hope & Rebirth of their farm.

They have recently got a new baby Bunny!

Meet Genesis!


While we there we were introduced to all the survivors!

Rick- the Owner- was able to rescue certain animals from the burning barn.

These animals are their family and the Love they have is very evident.  Here is an Emu coming in for a hug from Judy!


All the feathered, furry, and fuzzy friends were very curious and interested in why we were there…

oocj_23 oocj_9-X2 _RW88125glw-X2

We had so much fun!  It was beyond wonderful hearing the laughter again- as all the animals showed us their unique personalities and were very entertaining!

_RW88138-X2 _RW88250-X2 _RW88291-X2 _RW88324-X2 oocj_8-X2 oocj_11-X2 oocj_17-X2 oocj_20-X2 oocj_34-X2 oocj_35-X2

See more at:

ColorfulDreams4U Photography Meadowbrook Gallery

The farm is taking donations.  Anything from fresh fruit for the animals to cash donations.  They are rebuilding for fall fun!

See their webpage here:

Meadowbrook Farm and Market

Product photography at Witt Designs

We love New entrepreneurs!

We met with Megan- She has taken a leap of faith to follow her creative dreams!

Her new business -featuring many unique home decor pieces & furnishings in a wide range of styles. She specializes in up cycling and re purposing but also offers new crafted projects, refinished antiques, and custom projects that you can take part in designing.

Here is some examples of pieces she has created:

GW8_0109 copy GW8_0134 copy GW8_0050 copy GW8_0220 copy2 (1)

See more and shop her new website:

Witt Designs

See more Product Photography and more at:

ColorfulDreams4U Photography